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1.- someone who doesn't belong in his main social area (work, school, the street) Has only a few friends, but usually doesn't really hang out with them. Someone who is told by his betters that he has wisdom beyond his years, but his peers make fun of him for it. He's a little insane, after all, humans are social creatures. But his heart is mature, calm and kind. He never really does anything big for himself, and most of the things he does are for other people. He's just misunderstood, and people hate him for no reason. He's usually the victim of every negative stereotype and rumor. But hey, he doesn't have a social life, it doesn't matter to him, he hardly has anything to lose.

2.- Me
I'm an outcast, whether you like it or not, and there's nothing i can do for you socially, so why do you keep supporting me?
by da outkast February 12, 2005
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The Son of God sent down to the world of the living to purify the sins of the world and remind people of the scriptures. He died on a cross so that we could be forgiven. Some would denounce Jesus as a fag, but if that is what you think, I truly pity you. Some denounce Jesus by claiming that there is no God. I forgive you, but I will state one thing: if there was no God, all things would be possible.
When Jesus died on the cross, the blood from his wounds flowed like a healing ointment to cleanse us of our sins, just a rubbing alchohol cleanses a wound.
by da outkast February 17, 2005
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The Christian god, and my Lord...I honestly pity u pplz who r lyk dissin him on this site. If u think God doesn't exist, thatz fine, but think 2 urself...if there was no god, then wouldn't everything be possible? Aftr all, there hasta be sum1 who put the limits on existence.

Why does God not annhial8 evil if he iz so benevolent? Becuz, even tho he iz all powerful, he still acknowledges the balance in his universe. Without evil, there would be no good, and without good there would be no evil. If evil was destroyed completely, all of our actions would be good, therefore making us do the same actions as God. then we'd get arrogant and say we're as good as him, then he'd hafta kill us all...not fun

God is the Heavenly Father.
by da outkast February 21, 2005
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