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Someone who starts fights with people over the computer. (on AIM, myspace, facebook, etc.). Most of the time it's someone who won't do anything to hurt you in person, and would pussy out if you ever came up to them.
Chris: Yesterday this kid named "young scrappy" messaged me on myspace and tryed to start with me.

Brian: Did he look tough?

Chris: Nahh, just another bitchy little keyboard fighter.
by czgetmoney March 01, 2009
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Another great way to end an argument. Can be used when someone wants to state something, either a statement or opinion, on something and you know they're wrong. Once you say "your right", the other person will have no idea what to say.
Brian: Dude i fucked Annie last night!
Chris: (Knowing she was not with him last night) Your right.
Brian: ......


Fag 1: Fuck you dude I'll kick your bitch ass!
Fag 2: Yeah fuck you kid I'll fuck you up!
Fag 1: I'm so much stronger then you!
Fag 2: Your right.
Fag 1: ....?
by czgetmoney March 03, 2009
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Easiest on the iPod Touch / iPhone using it's "Notes" app, you type in your notes/study guide or other things such as answers you got from someone onto your iPod/iPhone. Then when it's test time, just put the iPod/iPhone in your pocket, slide it out and look at your notes during the test. Just don't be stupid and get caught.
Chris: I'm failing biology. So when we have the test today, I'm just gonna iCheat.

Brian: Niiiiiiiiiice.
by czgetmoney March 05, 2009
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