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when you get hot and your ass sweats. it makes for a bad time
"awww man after sitting down for so long i got swamp ass"
by curioustrollpower June 06, 2004

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best word ever. it can be used in many ways. i use it as a sound effect in most cases but my best friend and i came up with different versions of it. there's the sensual baournsh that's long a drawn out, the lubricated baournsh that's really smooth, the not lubricated at all baournsh that's cough sounding, etc...
baaaaaooouuuuuurrrnnnssshhhhh (that's the lubricated baournsh)
by curioustrollpower August 06, 2004

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lover forever. if you see a hot guy (or girl) you can say that that is your mimal. then your friends can't claim them. also, if you see someone really nasty you can tell someone that that is their mimal. then they'll dry heave and such.
1 - "freak yeah! that's my mimal!"
2 - "hahahahaha that's your mimal!"
by curioustrollpower December 29, 2003

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