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A young child that is at the age of walking. It comes from using curtains to hold on to. The age can extend beyond the learning stage.
"Daddy's little girl took her first step today."

"So now you're my little curtain crawler."
by cryinmybeer September 07, 2009

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To argue from emotions without much logical thought. From the "This little piggy" story. The last little piggy "cried wee, wee, wee all the way home." It was use by Barack Obama in August 2009 to describe Washingtonians. To say it came from urinating would not have a coherent meaning. It may have been a spontaneous term that filled the niche at that moment.
The birthers don't look at the evidence and all wee-weed up.
by cryinmybeer September 06, 2009

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