32 definition by cracker

1) The sack that you get in a bar after pasisng out from too musch alcohol.

2) The act of t-bagging somebody at a bar who has passed out after drining too much.
1) Did you see josh last night? He passed out after 63 beers and then I bar sacked him.

2) Hey!! Look at that guy passed out over there. Let's go bar sack him.
by Cracker June 02, 2005

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A store where people, often with very low self-esteem levels, shop because they feel that the negative attention they get is gratifying to them.
hey, noone likes us, let's go hang out at Hot Topic so we can dress like white trash.
by CRACKER February 14, 2004

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1) accronam for "Bitches Eat Cocks.

Originates from the letters "BEC" found on an all weather track.
Mark: Look at stacy over there on the corner. She's such a whore. She kicked Jeff in the nuts today for no reason.
Tom: you know what they say: BEC.
by Cracker June 02, 2005

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2/ conquor
3. to agree with
1.Shizzled yo mamma
3. Fo Shizzle
by cracker March 17, 2005

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His solo album comes out March 9, and he's producing a porn movie. Please oh please let him be IN the porn I will wear that shit out. He's gettin' all my paycheck, fo sho. Simply the best in G-Unit, he just started but people watch out. Plus his birthday is the day after mine. We'll be celebrating together, just wait and see.
The moment I first heard that P-I-M-P
G-A-N-G-S-T-E-R I knew I had found my favorite rapper.
by cracker February 01, 2004

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by cracker September 17, 2003

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Heaven for stoners and depressed bastards. I reccomend watching Kung Pow while under the influence.
DoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOod <spins around in circles> Acid ROCKS!!!
by Cracker April 01, 2005

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