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A game created by Beavis and Butthead. You dig random items out of your couch, attach them to a fishing rod and hook, and toss the baited hook out of the closest window to the couch and wait for animals/people to grab the item, then reel 'em in.
Hey Beavis, let's go couch fishing..
by coalnine August 28, 2009

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The high-low tone emitted by a motorolla Razr cellular phone when the battery needs charging. (PEE-ball)
Mike's phone was all peeballin while we was at the movies.
by coalnine January 09, 2009

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While blowing your nose, a booger that gets stuck and resonates the inside of your nasal passage and causes your eyes to water. This makes the false appearance that you are crying.
Greg walks into Jeff's office

Greg: Hey Jeff I have those proposals you asked for, oh shit are crying?

Jeff: No man, I was blowing my nose and came across a wicked cry booger.

Greg: Ahhhhhhhh, I see..
by coalnine November 20, 2009

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