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The ability preform complex tasks with one hand whilst masturbating with the other.
Tyler showed great dicksterity while playing his video games and caressing his genitals.
by Cmill August 25, 2014
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To use the right method of Cummy Knuckles you have to "pull out" of the girl you are banging, make sure the seamen or "jizz" gets on your knuckles, then punch the shit out of her!!! If you pull this one of you are a true B.A.M.F.
Matt knocked the shit out of his hooker with cummy knuckles
by cmill September 07, 2006
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When your banging a girl, you light her pubes on fire then take your "hose" and put the fire out with you man juices dont forget the fire trucks noises "WE WO WE WO WE WO"
Andrew then sprayed his man juices all over her forest to save the day from the vicous wild fire.
by cmill September 11, 2006
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