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don't make fun of him.

but dont let him talk to you about somthing u already know. cuz chances are he will convince you he's right about somthing and change ur mind into beliveing somthing incorrect.
buddy 1: i just back fromt he doctor and he told me to take these pills

nick van berkel: nope u should this.

buddy 1: well when u put it that way, it makes sense. okay.
by cloverdale12345 July 11, 2010
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bad prems all over the world. alltho they are more common in cities such as eastern LA, harlem, detroit, miami, compton, east hastings and the streets of pk. if ur ever in need of drugs just hit up this buddy named bad prem. he looks like a brown biggie smalls and has a terrifying tatoo of a dragon on his forearm. he may be short, but he makes up for his with pure raw ruthless murders.

dont mess with bad prems.
skid fienin drugs: yo u got what i need

bad prem: ofcoarse
by cloverdale12345 July 11, 2010
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a kid wtih absolutely no hobbies. very unatheltic but surprisingly good at weird sports. his room is filled with trophies from...
-water polo

theres so much more to say but i dont wanna end up like berkel
berkel: hey shinkel ur weird

lucas schinkel: o ya..???

2hours later
nate: has anybody seen berkel in a while???
by cloverdale12345 July 11, 2010
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