3 definitions by clarknova

Acronym: "You know it, buddy."

Always capitalized.

Shorthand for the Dalnet catchphrase/exchange, the original instance of which appears below:
<clarknova> You know it, buddy.
<phobos_> i do.
<phobos_> I know it.
by clarknova January 18, 2004
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A mysterious Australian with an opaque past. In this he is the personification his nations' character. Like some Emersonian Lord of the outback, he recreated himself anew from his own human clay. Even his original name is lost to history, so successful has his rebirth been. Time will tell whether his prior nature will reassert itself, or whether there is any prior nature to reassert.
A generally stable, witty, and cultured gentleman to know, but spiced with a dash of danger. His congenial personality belies the shadow of his tumultuous past.
<idali> Check out that pimp. He be stone cold svenmonkin' like a mofo, biatch.
by clarknova September 3, 2003
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A dadaist ejaculation; a defiant, yet meaningless cry against growing despair, heralding a creeping nihilism.
<lethargic_> howard dean may seem like a solid, pro-labor leftist, but his election in vermont is misleading. he supports NAFTA, to the point of voting for fast track, and like clinton, is promising a health care reform he has no intention to deliver.
<clarknova> FAGORTLOOLZ!
by clarknova November 27, 2003
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