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during intercourse, one partner poops into their hand and puts the log of excrement onto the other partner's forehead at a 45 degree angle, creating a makeshift horn.
"last night with becky, i totally gave her a bronze unicorn. she got so mad to have poop on her face."
by clairedynamo June 09, 2009
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a filthy, hairy butthole that is unclean on a gay man.
"ruthie wanted me to eat his ass, but he had a dingy poodle. i did not go down there."
by clairedynamo November 02, 2009
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after a post-coital affair, one steals all of the other sex partner's lubricant and previously used sex toys.
"ruthie was a dirty grinch last night. after we fucked, he stole my vibrator!"
by clairedynamo December 18, 2009
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sexual intercourse where the female is on her period and the man inserts his penis into the women's blood-slick vagina. The term can also be applicable to anal sex when the woman's period has leaked over her anus before insertion.
I became a strawberry holer last night when I fucked Ruthie when she was on the rag.
by clairedynamo August 13, 2010
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A group sex act where a peeled banana is inserted into a woman's vagina (hence the name). A second, unpeeled banana is inserted into the anus, causing the woman to clench, squeezing the first banana out of her vagina. The banana is then eaten and enjoyed. In the midst of the anal clenching, the second banana is also ultimately squeezed, providing snack for the rest of the group sex party.
Ruthie, Brent and I did had a good time last night; we totally did a banina on some chick. It was delicious.
by clairedynamo August 21, 2010
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