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Person very knowledgeable or fluent in leet speak, providing translation services to regular spoken English or another main stream language. Transleeters are typically younger than the persons needing the translation, but older than the leet speaker.
(online chat about computer problems)

Adult 1: Anyone know how to fix a modem? The lights stopped working and now I can't get my email from AOL.

Kid 1: If j00 w3r3 r34lly l33t j00d kn0w. n00b!!!1!1!

Adult 1: What? I can't understand what you are saying.

Transleeter: Try unplugging your modem for a few seconds, and pressing the reset button if it has one.

Adult 1: OK. Is that what he was saying too?

Transleeter: No. He's saying something else. Ignore him.

Kid 1: OMG ur t3h U83R H4XX0RZ!1!!1

Adult 1: Now what the heck does that mean? He's just typing random letters and stuff, right?

Transleeter: (sigh) No...he's not.
by citiz3n August 10, 2010
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