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A movie staring Bill Murray that wanna be bohemian's adopt as inspirational/moving/deep (pick any exagerated state of greatness).
The best part of the movie is where a Japanese "escort" asks the character played by Bill to "lip my stalkings" in a very strong engrish accent.
Some people have a low self esteem. One way they can feel better is by choosing the movie "Lost in Translation" as their favorite and ridiculing those who see it for its true value.
by ciper January 20, 2006
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Often meaning the person is stubborn and stupid at the same time. They have an idea that is easily proved wrong but they refuse to let you.
My friend is so thick headed, he swears that all arabs are out to hurt someone.
by ciper July 20, 2005
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An anime related term. The Gainax Bounce refers to the way a female's breasts move when she appears on screen. Usually the breasts are oversized for the body and bounce as if the character has no bra under their clothing.
First seen in the Gunbuster theme song where Noriko Takaya says "High High High" with each high accompanied by a "gainax bounce" of her breasts.
by ciper June 07, 2007
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