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The act of slotting ones manhood in between a pair cheasticles, and having the owner of them massage your Sausage accordingly. The end result of this most pleasurable activity can often be the giving of a pearl necklace to the young lady as a reward for her good work.
"Oh, mate. The misses was not in the mood for a shag last night, so she still gave me a good dutch fucking instead!"
by chucklemunch September 25, 2006

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A rather juicy pair of breasts, which give you most overwhelming need to begin suckling at their very teats!
" Holy shit balls! Check out the suckle sacks on that one!"
by chucklemunch August 27, 2006

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A term often used to describe a woman’s breasts by gentlemen who enjoy partaking in the rich and rewarding pastime of Dutch fucking.
"So dude. She took me back to her place, cracked open the Pleasure chest, and began tenderizing my meat stick with it! Nice!"
by chucklemunch August 27, 2006

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Often used as an insult to describe a persons over the top fashion sense, this must involve a variety of mismatch colours .
It can also be used to describe most things with allsorts of random bright colours in it. Such as sick, girls face with too much make up on it, a bad painting, etc, etc…
A monkey's breakfast being an assortment ramdon fruits picked by monkey. Therefore, should only be for a monkey.
"Christ mate. You don't want to wear that out tonight do ya? You'll look like a monkey's breakfast!"

Dude! That bird over there has way too much make up on! Her face looks like a monkey's breakfast!!!
by chucklemunch August 27, 2006

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