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'glitch in the matrix'. used to describe internet and technological inconsistencies. can also be used to describe misunderstanding between people irl
me: what happened you went offline for a few seconds
you: i dunno what happened.. gitm
by chrysanthalbee July 30, 2008

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to sit down in a stall adjacent to an already occupied stall in the bathroom. deemed especially rude when there are other open stalls NOT adjacent to the occupied stall.
dude.. i was taking a dump and some guy side carred me!
by chrysanthalbee June 06, 2007

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to get someone off by empathizing with their feelings
dan was feeling really down until i gave him some feelatio.
by chrysanthalbee June 25, 2009

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equivalent to a meme that exists solely between two people. has the same capacity for replication yet only exists between one relationship unit.
joe and i have our own way of greeting each other, a momemetic exchange.
by chrysanthalbee June 20, 2007

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glitch in the matrix. used to refer to those events in which something goes wrong but is commonplace (esp. with technology). e.g. snafu 2.0
huggybear: what happened? your IM showed you as logged off.
bubbybear: i dunno. gitm
by chrysanthalbee August 27, 2008

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"was like"
i wsl talking with her and she wsl all "no way!" and i wsl all "yes, way!"
by chrysanthalbee August 27, 2008

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