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a person who is ignorant and unskillful with computers, gadgets, i-phones, mobile phones, sat nav's & mp3 players. An i-stooge will also still spend their hard earned fun tickets ($$) on CD's and DVD's , still have a street atlas in their glove box and line up to pay bills at the post office.
"shithouse i didnt get to pay the gas bill on time after i got the money out of the ATM, the line was too long at the post office and it shut before i got served"
"just pay your bills on the internet you fuckin i-stooge!"
by chrisee t February 02, 2012
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a mystical god who makes up rules and tells you how to live
"they reakon if your hand is bigger than your face you have cancer"
by chrisee t March 21, 2012
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a device or appliance yet to be invented to 'muffle' the sound of your shit hitting the water and/or associated/simultaneous farting.
"i could have used a shit-muffler this morning, that curry and 10 beers to wash it down i had last night really made things awkward at the handbasins as the airport toilets were bustling"
by chrisee t August 08, 2012
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an outdated/redundant apple macintosh product up to and inclueding usually only 6 months old from new. Society, peers and retail stores pressure us to update to the new 'i' product the instant it is released.
"Dude I camped outside Dick Smith last night so i could be the first fuckwit with the i-pad 5"
" snap out of it ya stooge! dont you realise you will be back there in 6 months camping out again when it becomes an

by chrisee t May 28, 2012
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