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The ultimate definition of eliteness.
OMG! It's Chriller!
by chL March 30, 2004

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1) Kaman Law's Kaman
2) A lucky person
3) A good female
4) = manman = sisi = walala
5) A resevered person
1) hardworking
2) beautiful
3) intelligent
4) careless...
1)Kaman is Kaman.
2) She found the one because she is Kaman.
3) Everyone likes her because she is Kaman.
4) Kaman has many names.
5) Don't waste your time, because she is Kaman.
1) She is very kaman.
2) She has a kaman face.
3) She is kaman that UBC accepted her.
4) She was too kaman and got tripped up by a wire on the ground.
by CHL March 17, 2005

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short form for hungry
can we eat now, i'm damn hungs
by chl April 23, 2005

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an expression used by chinese educated or cheena teenagers. commonly used at the end of a sentence for emphasis. increasingly being used in place of expressions like 'leh', 'ar' etc.
A: 'aLreAdi 11pM, sHe hAvEn caLL mI wOr'
B: quit using 'wor' u fucking ah lian. or i'll box ur eye.
by chl May 31, 2005

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a hokkien term for the question 'what'.
'simi dai ji (what is your problem), make so much noise'
by chl May 31, 2005

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