1) Kaman Law's Kaman
2) A lucky person
3) A good female
4) = manman = sisi = walala
5) A resevered person
1) hardworking
2) beautiful
3) intelligent
4) careless...
1)Kaman is Kaman.
2) She found the one because she is Kaman.
3) Everyone likes her because she is Kaman.
4) Kaman has many names.
5) Don't waste your time, because she is Kaman.
1) She is very kaman.
2) She has a kaman face.
3) She is kaman that UBC accepted her.
4) She was too kaman and got tripped up by a wire on the ground.
by CHL March 18, 2005
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Kaman is a person who's quiet and reserved. Likes to keep to himself and away from others. Doesn't talk much and doesn't smile much. Not big on looks, looks like a toe, instead uses comedy and laughter to be "attractive." If you run into a Kaman you probably won't even know.
Hey did you see Kaman over there?
Hey that Kaman kid is pretty funny.
by Islands5 May 20, 2019
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a filthy little jew ranga a bald lukemia patient piece of shit with no soul, the scourge of the earth jack should end his shit excistance so we don't have to bear the sight of him
by Hezza69 June 17, 2019
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