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A pick-up line used by morons when approached by a girl asking to bum a cigarette.
Hot Chicks: Hey, do you think we can bum a cig?

Scottie & Nick: Umm...no, but we can SMOKE MAKEOUTS!

Hot Chicks: Fags

Scottie & Nick: Heheheh, god we're gay
by Chipsdubbo May 03, 2010
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When your Body Odor has the unmistakable aroma of weed, specifically around the underarms.
-Woa dude, you been smokin' the reefer, you stank of weed.

-Nah man, thats my BO. I got canipits.

-Gross bro, take a shower.
by chipsdubbo December 19, 2009
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A type of drink consisting of 1 part clear hard liquor 1 part Red Vault over shaved ice with an optional splash of grenadine and a wedge of lime.
We all got smashed during a night of massive velociraptor consumption and proceeded to blow chunks all over the toilet. One dude even threw up an entire lime wedge!
by chipsdubbo April 19, 2010
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Something you brush your teeth with.
Ke$ha: "Brush my teeth with a bottle of jack"
by chipsdubbo January 14, 2010
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