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Read The Fucking Manual Noob

used by Gamming Gods like James to yell at all us Noobies while trying to figgure out a game that he Pnowns in
Noob: "James how do i shoot?"
James (in his uber-sarcastic and pissed off voice): RTFMN
Noob: "What does that mean?"
Me: "Read The Fucking Manual.....N?!?"
by chia pet March 29, 2004
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"That Pirate just raped that town!!"

The scene in Pirates of the Caribbean where Jack Sparrow steals the ship it could be said that "Jack raped that ship"
by chia pet March 30, 2004
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1. The Brand of Marching Shoes used by Blooomsburg Marching Band.
- Two different kinds used:
1. Glide (worn by "Playing" members (people with intstraments))
2. Stinger (worn by Guard (Flags and Majorettes))

Usually comming in BLACK only, Jane (wife of B. Bercher (the Band Director/Teacher) and Flagget coach) has decided this year, because of the Guard coustumes (which consist of red pants, wacked out shirts, neon red wigs, and eye make-up) that the Guard should get RED Dinkles.

Even though, last year, we had Blue pants and she didnt make us get Blue Dinkles.

"This has been brought to you by the letters W, T, and F"
1. "Don't forget your Dinkle order forms are due on the 28th!!"

2. "Why are the playing members Dinkles mreo comfortable then the Guards?"

3. "I'll tell you why... because playing members have to MARCH!!... o wait, sorry, my bad, SO DOES THE GUARD!!"
by chia pet August 14, 2004
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A mythical creature that looks something like a Chia pet. It habituates form-z renderings and screws up other peoples work. A pseudonym for a waldo.
Don't look now, but Wally Marshall is coming. Hide your drawings!
by chia pet September 11, 2003
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