2 definitions by cheeseh8rthe420smoker

guy who doesn't know how to spend his money
Jacky: "yo you heard elon musk bought twitter?"
Jayden: "yeah he doesn't know what to do with his money"
by cheeseh8rthe420smoker May 22, 2022
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A feeling that makes you embarressed, uncomfortable, or generally weirded out. People usually don't know what they did is cringe until people start making fun of them cuz they're probably mentally disabled. It can also be a type of comedy. People like finding cringe and laughing at it usually, Cuz it's so damn bad and no one likes it so that you end up liking it cuz it's so embarressing and you question why this cringe even exists.
random cringe seeker: "Yo that tiktok kid was cringe"
other guy: "hell yeah they are"
by cheeseh8rthe420smoker May 22, 2022
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