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transitive verb -
to humble, to lower in condition.
Ever since Steve got high score on Donkey Kong he's been walking around like he's the King of Kong. Steve needs to juice the pig.
by charlesmarx September 14, 2009

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Two or more sorority girls in a Jeep. Typically the sorority girls are inebriated and listening to loud, usually banal, popular music.
Dick: “What are you guys up to tonight?”

George: “Probably get some beers on University Blvd. and watch for Sheep in a Jeep.”

Dick: “Jeep sheep are hot.”


Bro, you gotta be careful crossing 4th avenue on Thursday nights; Lil Wayne + Lynchburg Lemonade + Sheep in a Jeep = certain death.
by charlesmarx September 15, 2009

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A bag of dope that is jettisoned in response to approaching authority figures and is later recovered or serendipitously discovered by another drug user. Knuffle bunny habitat includes city parks and playgrounds.
On her way to school Jane spotted a fat Knuffle bunny in the sand under the slide.
by charlesmarx September 15, 2009

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A baby or child who's Mommy operates a meth lab.
"Save my HUCKLE" screamed Mommy as the firefighters attempted to put out the trailer fire started by the meth lab explosion.
by charlesmarx September 15, 2009

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