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Trucker's slang for the log books they are usually required to take along on their trips. Some truckers hate taking these along, because they have to document all sorts of information that may affect how much money they make.
"...We tore up all a our swindle sheets an' left 'em settin' on the scales..."
by chairman May 3, 2005
The act of replacing all your VHS tapes with DVD's
I just DVDized my collection today.
by chairman February 7, 2004
a complaint that a women gives a man before they "go to bed"
Man, my old lady gave me a curtain sermon last night.
by chairman November 6, 2003
The toughest stell chair wielding sob ever to walk the earth
The ChairMan opened up a can o'whoopass on him.
by chairman April 12, 2003
Caution: May be offensive to some

short for retard moment

1. Describes a moment when you are trying to solve a problem, and are wracking your brain and when you find how simple the answer is, you marvel at your own stupidity
2. When you are talking and totally forget what you are talking about
Person 1: Yeah and then I went to....*blanks out*
Person 2: What happened?
Person 1: I totally forgot what I was saying, tard moment #1.
Person 2: ha ha ha
by chairman July 2, 2004
The master cheat code for Grand Theft Auto 2. If the user enters Gouranga as their name, they can enter more cheats such as GODOFGTA,EATSOUP,CUTIE1, and RSJABBER
by chairman March 14, 2005