3 definitions by cementVoyager

1. Something that's seen as negligable or not of interest due to its mediocraty being of greater offense than being low quality.
1. "Have you seen the new Pokemon Sword and Sheild dlc trailer, looks garbage right"?

'Lol mid'.
by cementVoyager January 8, 2022
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Kuso) 1. Japanese term for shit. Used to detract from something, marking it as distinctly low quality.

Kusoge) 2. Japanese slang for shit game. Different connatations from kuso, used to mark something as bad but still holds a place in our hearts, or to mark something as so bad it's good.
Kuso) 1. "No I do not care for that movie, it looks like kuso".

Kusoge) 2. "Oh my god Intel just because you got command grab doesn't mean the game is a kusoge shut up".

by cementVoyager January 8, 2022
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1. Descriptor for something regarded as something excellent, or peaks interest. Often used as a seldom word to respond to something.
2. Ironic statement to mock media seen as subpar.
1. *song link*

2. "No, YIIK a Postmodern RPG is not mid, it's clearly peak fiction".
by cementVoyager January 8, 2022
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