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Fuck everybody.

An acronym for when you are sick of the world and everyone in it.
"F.E.B. I'm tired of all the bullshit."
by cdizzub April 06, 2008

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The result of a person pouncing on an unsuspecting victim, accidentally causing bodily harm.
Guy 1: What happened to Rick?
Guy 2: While he wasn't looking, his girlfriend pounced on him, and he fell and broke his ribs.
Guy 1: Ooph, he got pwnced.
by cdizzub September 25, 2008

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A portmanteau of the terms "brown" (in this case meaning "shit") and "bronze" (the medal normally given for third place in major competitions).
1. (noun) A terrible situation that has reached its apex, its summit, its outlier, but in a more user friendly context. It is primarily used in situations that can be best described as significantly higher than shitty.
2. (adjective, interjection) A feeling of disillusionment after a failure or undesired outcome; can be used as an exclamatory declaration.
3. (noun) A fictional award given to one's self after experiencing failure, heartbreak, or any general emotional setback, akin to receiving the shit end of the stick.
"This situation is complete brownze."
"Oh, brownze...."
"I always try my best, but I keep getting the brownze when all is said and done."
by cdizzub August 07, 2016

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