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Networking jargon; short for jubulon processor.

A highly important and technically advanced piece of networking hardware. While some scholars argue that the jubulon processor itself is hard to define and possibly non-tangible, it is still an incredibly valuable part of a functional network.
"It seems to be a jubulon issue, try restarting the computers in a 'seemingly' random order."
by carrionkind March 28, 2010
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A portmanteau of the words nublet and musketeer. A nubleteer is a nublet that wears the title proudly and/or has no desire to graduate from nubdom.

Nubleteers can typically be seen engaging in their favorite nublet-related activities with other nublets.
"Anna, you are such a nubleteer!"
by Carrionkind November 10, 2011
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