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Crook driven by money.
Roughly 95 percent of the time, the politician who spends more money on their campaign wins.
by Care-line January 06, 2006

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the label you, ironically, find on american flags.
The little white tag on the lower right corner of the American flag says "made in china". What a surprise.
by care-line October 16, 2006

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Independent: Shit happens.
Democrat: Shit is a vast right-wing conspiracy.
Republican: The rich deserve more shit.
Moderate: We must also consider shit’s right to happen.
Liberal: Shit will happen if we don’t spend enough.
Conservative: The courts have allowed too much excrement.
Reform: We can’t get our poop in a group.
Socialist: Support the equal distribution of shit.
Communist: Come the revolution, shit will not happen again.
Libertarian: Legalize all kinds of shit.
Green: Compost happens.
I am a member of the green political party, therefore I believe in compost--and none of this crap about shit.
by care-line May 02, 2006

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George Ouzounian, more commonly known as Maddox, is the creator of the "Best Page in the Universe". He is infamous for his loathing of assholes, feminists, vegetarians/vegans, hippies, old people, children, politics... pretty much everyone but himself.
Maddox is the supreme ruler of the internet.
by Care-line October 11, 2005

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