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The superfluous addition to the more substantive main course. Such supposedly frivolous additions often form the bulk standard of the main meal, and without these additions, the main meal would not ofetn be possible. Unfortunately, the accompainiments often play second fiddle to the main course, and 'gsrlic bread' is often used to mess up any overspill caused by the lacklutre main course.
We are the Garlic bread to the projects dept spaghetti bolognese.

"Ive been garlic breaded....."
by carbz March 14, 2005

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To describe some-one who is infintely comfy, safe, and promotes a feeling of completeness to the point of not wanting to be anywhere else.
"I was with Sol the other night. We just hubng out in this bar draped over each other, and time flew by. God that girl is loungeable...!"
by carbz January 28, 2005

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The activity of informing acquanitances or friends that you are proficeitnt in the art of percussion, and have received formal instruction in aforementioned musical discipline
"Ive had Lessins you know!"


Place head horizontal to table or bar, and rotate neck to 45 degree angle. Squint, and proceed to decend into a trance-like reverie whilst screaming:


Then proceed to drum without any discrenable rhythm using your two forefingers as 'sticks.'
by carbz October 22, 2003

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an inane gesture of 'touchin fists' designed to court favour amongst strangers, particularly when engaged upon by faux urban 'YOOF' residing in Dulwich.
"Awright me man, a what you whippin up?! TOUCH. "(hold out fist limply and squint

a sez umm
by carbz October 20, 2003

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