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Term used to describe being taken advantage of.For example if you are locked out of your house and need a locksmith to get you inside he can charge you what ever he wants and you have to pay,because you need to get up in your crib.Hence you are over a barrel gettin yo ass raped by this mother fucker.
I took my car into the shop today and the fuckin grease monkey had me over a barrel,cause I needed my ride to go pick up my ho.
by car tv February 27, 2010
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This is the aftermath of consuming to many hot wings or other said hot foods.It is the day after snydrome of taking a dump and it feels like your asshole is on fire.The term can also be used to describe some fagot.
Wow those hot wings I ate last nite just gave me a flaming knothole.
by car tv February 27, 2010
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The newest retarted weatherman term.When alot of snow is a comin to your neighborhood this what the weather people like to call it.They do this so people panic and rush to the store and buy up all the milk,bread,toilet paper and so you have to wait in line a fucking hour to buy comdoms(so you can get your freak on during the time your snowed in).Anyway the break down is simple snow+hurricane=snowicane=people acting like they never saw snow before and forgeting how to drive.
ahole 1: I saw a snowicane is comin our way on the news tonite. ahole 2: fuck I beter get to the store and buy me up some supplies! ahole 1:Your right thanks for reminding me I better get to the store too,because I might be stuck in my house for ever after the snowicane!
by car tv February 26, 2010
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This is a term used to describe somthing that is overblown,with either hype or extras.One may often have a very small penis if one needs something king ranched.A truck by ford is king ranched (F250 KING RANCH).The owners of said truck are most often "tools"with little manhoods.
You know that tool you work with,he just bought a F250 king ranch.
by car tv February 26, 2010
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