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Musical note that cause involuntary and uncontrollable feelings in the vagina.
Black Example:

bout to download that new john legend. I hate that clown but that v note get my girl hot n ready errrra time

White Example:
OMG john Mayer is kinda ugo but his fingers always seem to find the v note and I can't get enough. Totes hot
by candypantswong May 24, 2014
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A really weird looking beard = Beird. IE when a hipster really wants to grow a mad hipster beard and just cant, he ends up with a gnarly beird.

Beird is weird, but still better than a molestache.

Spencer Pratt's has a beird.
Jim: Have you seen dan's terrible attempt at facial hair?
Carl: that shiz is a beird for sure.
by candypantswong February 26, 2014
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