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yep - (1) interjection (2)adjective:

1. Affirmative, yes, to convey agreeance.
2. Gives the subject a good characteristic, feeling or appearance.
In the case of (2) this is a contextual word, ie: the use of the words around it define the exact meaning of yep.

"She is all yep" - The subject is in some way desirable, or has said or performed something desirable or agreeable to the speaker.
"Yep, that's a yep" - A double confirmation. Generally used after confirmation has been asked for on a particular subject.
by Cabji August 03, 2003

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Anyone that has the characteristics of the Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons. Some characteristics include:
- arguing excessively (especially on Internet forums) over, for example, minute details about some minor point or the way Spock exhaled as he spoke from the 34th episode of the original Star Trek series from 1950 whatever.
- informing someone of something (like a software release) the moment it happens. "You should be informed Microsoft has released another minor update patch for the Internet Connection Wizard for Windows 95."
- insisting that their interpretation of any given topic is the correct one, with a twist of role playing games and choose-your-own adventure book titles to back their point up.
- fat arsed/ugly with no women in their life except for the mother, sister(s) or pr0n.
- skinny arsed with trimmed facial hair, glasses and a pony tail.
- always has the fastest Internet connection going and is constantly downloading something illegal from the latest p2p or file swarming network.
- doesn't like another person you class as a comic book guy (as comic book guys don't get on because they argue each other in circles and compete to download the latest video driver updates first then email them to the other one)
I left my MSN on auto file accept accidentally and went out. When I got home this comic book guy on my list had sent me about a hundred files he had downloaded off bit torrent. Most of it was pr0n or pictures of wizards from role play games.
by Cabji March 01, 2004

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A commonly plastic or fibre glass box that is used to keep drinks, food or beer cold. Also known as a cooler box (UK) or chilly bin (NZ).
Let's go to the beach. Get the esky.
by Cabji September 28, 2003

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verb - To convert something whereby it receives the characteristics to that of a nigga.

(Note: this word is not racist, see definition of nigga)

Related words:
nigga, niggarization, niggarized
"We're gonna go niggarize ourselves surfing all day."
by Cabji January 27, 2005

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Excessively fond of or submissive to a wife. (Dictionary.com)

AKA "pussy whipped".
by Cabji September 30, 2003

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The conversion of something whereby it receives the characteristics to that of a nigga.

(Note: this word is not racist, see definition of nigga)

Related words:
nigga, niggarized
That song of Linkin Park's remixed and featuring Jay-Z has had some serious niggarization done to it.

In Wonder Boy (the original classic arcade game), niggarization would occur if you touched a fire.
by Cabji January 27, 2005

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The violent behaviour that is an attribute of a select group of Delta Goodrem fans. Similar to Road Rage, Delta Fan Rage appears in some individuals when others insult, put down or slander Delta Goodrem in any way.

Delta Fan Rage is induced by the smallest comment or action. According to one account, an enraged Delta Fan has punched a friend clean on the nose and made it bleed because she said "Stupid Delta".
"Some 14 year old chick punched her friend in the face and made her nose bleed because she said 'stupid delta'."
"that's good delta fan rage."
by Cabji November 07, 2003

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