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Used by Australians to define anything. Second most used word there after "cunt". Can be used when something amazing happens, e.g. Timmy Cahill scoring a stunner or your mate breaking the speed drinking record of your local pub (also known as the Cahillian Challenge )
1. "Timmy Cahill sliding out back...Oh get fucked! Get absolutely fucked!"

2."I've just beaten ol' Mike at ping pong" "Get fucked!"
by bydy2 February 14, 2015
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Famous battlecry from Roy Larner delivered right before he charged down three armed terrorists single-handedly, saving dozens of lives by holding them up. The quote is now used whenever someone performs an action that the majority of people wouldn't dare do, whether it's a selfless and heroic act or an act of breaking the rules. "Fuck you, I'm Millwall" basically means you're about to go against the flow, doing what you feel is right even when others would think doing so is madness, as any Millwall fan would do.
"Allahu Akbar!"
"Fuck you, I'm Millwall!"

"Hey, you're robbing this girl!"
"Keep out of this and we won't stab you with these knives we're carrying."
"Fuck you, I'm Millwall!"

"What you're wearing is disrepecting the local culture"
"Fuck you, I'm Millwall"
by bydy2 July 2, 2017
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A recipe for an egg salad that Swedish monarchs of the past have proudly eaten.
"Cook! Get me a Koenigsegg!"
"Getting one sir!"

A few days later, a hungry monarch in Skandinavia threw his nut as he saw some weird car rolling through his front gates...
by bydy2 July 24, 2014
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World #2 potato farmer. Famous for appearing in Technoblade's potato war, and infamous for the food he posts on twitter.
imasquidkid is soo ugly and dumb and stinky
by bydy2 October 27, 2022
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Professional tennis player, King of Aces. Greatest server of the ball the world has ever seen. Growing up in war-torn Croatia, he was born with nothing. He didn't even have a tennis coach, and being 6'11", teachers would try and coerce him towards basketball. But he would never let his tennis dream go. He snuck out on to tennis courts every day by himself and hit serves. Nothing but serves. He trained so much that his serve became the most powerful stroke of the ball the world had ever seen, One Punch Man style. Starting with nothing, he could now end any and every tennis point with just a single stroke of the ball. He went professional without any skill at keeping the tennis ball in play, but won all his tournaments - just with his serve.

Since becoming professional, he has broken records for height, serve and age. Tallest professional player ever, most aces by any player ever, oldest player to win tournaments since Ken Rosewall an eternity back, most tie-breaks played in history. In one three-set match against top player Tomas Berdych, he hit 45 aces - close to a 50% ace rate on serve. Ivo Karlovic also has a 3-1 winning record against Novak Djokovic (all competitions), and ended Roger Federer's record-breaking 237-week streak at world #1 with an astounding 7-6 4-6 7-6 upset victory in Cincinnati 2008.

Ivo Karlovic showed the world how you can become the very best at one specific thing, and use it to make a name for yourself.
Ivo Karlovic serving........it's an ace!

Jerry has this niche skill he's really, really good at...it doesn't spark much attention, but I don't think there's anyone better than him at it. He's truly the Ivo Karlovic of the engineering world.
by bydy2 August 21, 2019
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by bydy2 May 3, 2017
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