13 definition by bro

Slang for marijuana, commonly used on the East coast.
Yo bro, check dis turkey in a blender I just thiefed
by Bro November 27, 2003

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(v) To make-out spastically.
So, you wanna come over and slob or something?
by Bro May 13, 2004

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n. A person, usually female, that makes no goddamn sense at all; *thinks* she has her shit together; doesn't employ logic and takes rather irrational approaches toward problem solving; and commonly does dumb shit.
Her dreams to become a sniper in the Army, her belief that having posed in a third-rate porno mag qualifies her as a "model", and the fact that she once traded a telephone for a baby to a known scatterbrain all indicated to me that *she* is a scatterbrain.
by Bro May 13, 2004

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Holla to Dat; wen u c somethin madd ill and u wanna holla at that person or thing; onlie madd fly people use this term (dont use it if u have a nextel)
Bro 1: Yo son your kicks are fly.

Bro 2: H2d
by Bro July 05, 2004

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a pillow that is old and dingy and obviously drooled on.
We tossed the brown frown in the troll house.
by BRO September 30, 2003

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Got Rice Bitch?
man1:Where can i find the cheapest hooker in the world?
man2:i know this gal from Vietchibodian
by Bro March 17, 2003

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