19 definitions by brie

Someone that is fat. See Brie
Shit dawg, that bitch at work reminds me of Slutty McFagpie
by brie November 15, 2003
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RN is also a shortened version of Right Now. It's used when your too lazy to type.
"Sarah, your a ho like RN, kthx." -Brie
by brie October 17, 2004
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oh jesus. when your too lazy to type it out.
"OJ, I just blew my load on the wall."
by brie October 17, 2004
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Also a lie, or someone that talks lies and too much
That girl is a Guasa
by brie June 9, 2005
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A device used to put decorative frosting on cookies and cakes; another term for a cake decorator
Use the frosting weasel to make the roses on the cake
by brie December 2, 2004
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A gorgeous pop star who has more talent then most singers that are popular at the moment. She is beautiful and if I was as pretty as her I wouldn't wear a lot of clothes either. People who don't like her are just jealous
an out of this world beautiful celebrity
by brie March 9, 2005
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an attic or slang for address
Can I have your addy?
by brie July 27, 2003
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