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They are also known to obsesses and worship pale skinny Japanese girls and surf the net for Japanese girls with watermelon breasts. They will holler out and cover their mouth and say "oh shit!" whenever they see a cute Japanese girl bending over while eating her noodles like Naruto.

Damn, that Jap a Nigga always going crazy over that slutsoft shit. What's wrong with him? He needs some jap pussy badly while she cuts his ears off and plays around with it.
The worst thing to be is a Jap-a-Nigga. They make me so sick I hate japanese people now.
by boozec September 08, 2010

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When a young man or woman wastes a large amount of their time and youth doing nothing at all.
That nigga Jepthe is flagging like a motherfucker.

Them Nigtendo booz ass niggas are seriously flagging with all that porn they watch.

How are you gonna flag your life away with three hour jack off sessions? It just ain't right.

You know jacking off while a another guy is a two feet from you asleep then wakes up to you jacking off is seriously flagging bro.
by boozec November 07, 2009

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NigTendo is also known as an amalgamation of "Nigga' and "nintendo" the company known for making many classic games that breeds videogame nerd fanatics.

How do they pay for these games? Unfortunately for these 'tendos when they were young they could rely on their parents to buy them a new game every month but now that they're 22 they have to buy new games by trading in the last game they bought last month and usually regret it since they didn't get a chance to beat it 5 times in a row in the first two weeks of having it.

A NigTendo is a close cousin of Jap-a-Nigga(japananigga) and can often if not usually be both. NigTendos have been known to complain about women being ugly compared to the beautiful ladies in the Final Fantasy Series. They have unusual high standards for men who are unemployed.
If I hear another muthafuckin' nigtendo talk about why bitches don't look like Riku in FF10 I'm gonna bust a cap on em and I ain't talking about sugarnuts!
by boozec September 13, 2010

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Flits is a shortened way of saying flabby titties around jiggerboo black women without alerting them to avoid causing you serious harm (goddamn flit carrying jiggerboos!).
BITCH! you's betta put them titties back in that shirt shyiiit... aint no one wanna see them disgusting flits of yours.
by boozec November 13, 2009

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Stanleys is a term to refer to a large group of Eminem fans Aka Stans. Eminem has denounced Stanleys in the past but Stanleys continue to label him the greatest rapper alive when Eminem has to keep reminding them that rap music was invented before 1999. Stanleys usually act gangster, but would get shreaded to pieces if they actually stepped into a real ghetto.
The Stanleys post on internet message board telling everyone how Eminem is better than your favorite black rapper by explaining in full detail and providing examples and comparisons.
by boozec October 13, 2009

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