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A young man who spends all of his time playing video games. These men will usually spend an enormous amount of time inside their bedrooms. They will often be thought to have been kidnapped or 'disappeared' by their friends and extended relatives. Because they spend a lot of time in their rooms they sometimes look like cave men with long beards since they avoid stepping out the house to get a haircut or shave their beards. They're also known to wear glasses and have large eyebrows like Helga from Hey Arnold!

They've been known to say friendship and outside or extracurricular activities are overrated and only the video game simulation is important.Because they're so busy playing video games, they are usually unemployed.They figure beating the latest God of War game on super duper hard for the 5th time is more important than buying a gallon of orange juice to drink.

They sometimes are extremely hungry and when a friend comes over with a bag of skittles will quickly 'murk' the bag wit each skittle stuck between in tooth as he continues to play the game and say thanks to you even though you had no intentions of sharing and he simply grabbed it out your pocket. Perhaps these 'tendos can smell candy a mile away?
Damn, that Nigtendo been on the floor all day playing Devil May Cry! The nigga keeps trying to find a bug where devil may cry unzips his pants and pisses whenever there's fire.

The only thing worse than a Nigtendo is a half white nigga from Canada!
by boozec September 11, 2010
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NigTendo is also known as an amalgamation of "Nigga' and "nintendo" the company known for making many classic games that breeds videogame nerd fanatics.

How do they pay for these games? Unfortunately for these 'tendos when they were young they could rely on their parents to buy them a new game every month but now that they're 22 they have to buy new games by trading in the last game they bought last month and usually regret it since they didn't get a chance to beat it 5 times in a row in the first two weeks of having it.

A NigTendo is a close cousin of Jap-a-Nigga(japananigga) and can often if not usually be both. NigTendos have been known to complain about women being ugly compared to the beautiful ladies in the Final Fantasy Series. They have unusual high standards for men who are unemployed.
If I hear another muthafuckin' nigtendo talk about why bitches don't look like Riku in FF10 I'm gonna bust a cap on em and I ain't talking about sugarnuts!
by boozec September 13, 2010
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