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Noun; Term used to describe a video game player who's strategy typically involves staying in a pre-determined stealth location for purposes of taking out opponent players who pass by.

The player is usually of low-to-medium skill level and may have been a "noob" in the recent past. The player may falsely assume that this is the next natural step in becoming decent.

Decent players usually know the whereabouts of them, and can take them out with ease.

Highly entertaining to come up behind one and take them out with a humiliating strike such as a throwing knife, punch, etc.

Known to be emotionally unstable players, especially after taken out, due to their strategy and location being exposed. Most players are aware of camping spots and the strategy, but choose not to camp as it is below their standard and a low-life tactic.

Lastly, these types of players usually make the game incredibly boring and slow down the overall pace drastically. Usually end up with higher kill-death ratios but the actual number of kills is not high.
stfu camper, all you do is sit in one spot and think you're good but you really suck monkey balls.
by boomer323 June 21, 2010
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An immigrant (sometimes illegal) from an Arab nation who either owns or has a close relative who owns a liquor store or gas station and has limited education.

Known to pack with fellow chaldeans for purposes of feeling secure and powerful although possessing very little security or power in reality.

Never mature emotionally and are distrustful of true americans. Pack in groups and never learn to function on their own. Furthermore, they don't integrate into the american culture well and tend to keep their arab ways of life which is mostly annoying. Not well liked by the general population.
I need to grab a six pack and some smokes....OK, I'm running up to the chaldean store, be back in 10 mins.
by boomer323 June 21, 2010
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Noun; Slang term used to describe a baby that was both planned and conceived abroad then delivered on U.S. soil solely for the parental desires of becoming U.S. citizens indirectly by way of an abused loop-hole in the system.

The parents usually plan and conceive the baby abroad and then late in the pregnancy, hop the border to drop the baby on U.S. soil. The baby is immediately granted U.S. citizenship upon being dropped and the parents U.S. citizenship is granted after the baby turns 18 years of age.

The baby usually matures and realizes that he or she was planned merely for parental desires of U.S. citizenship and develops alcoholism as a result of low self esteem.
On the flight to Denver from Cancun, I was sitting next to this pregnant Mexican lady who was in labor. Once we flew over the border, she dropped the baby right there in the plane !! "Jackpot...baby !!" she says right after the delivery. I couldn't believe my ears. She sounded like she won the lotto after dropping that jackpot baby.
by boomer323 June 21, 2010
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1. Noun; Term used by white males to describe their penis, especially as it relates to masturbation.

2. Noun; Term used to describe someone who performs repetitive skills at a low-paying job. This person usually (but not always) doesn't realize they have the ability to choose and find another job. May be loyal to a fault and can or cannot have a family history of alcoholism or co-dependency. Not to be confused with intelligence, the person may have average or high intelligence but is stuck in a hopeless situation. Hope and freedom comes once the person realizes the freedom and power of choice.

3. Noun; Term used to describe a poorly skilled video game player who doesn't possess the ability to improve, even given experience. Not to be confused with noob as a noob is generally a new player who is clueless (and also poorly skilled) but who generally improves slightly over time.

4. Noun; Term used to describe someone who has high goals and personal expectations but a low skill level. Tends not to accept their own faults, failures, or personal shortcomings. Their self esteem is artificially manufactured based on this conscious "denial" of their faults and failures. They may have a positive attitude but this is just due to their unwillingness or inability to be introspective.
1. Man, did you see that hot blond with double D titties ? I'll be back in 5 mins...have to spank my monkey now.

2. After paying for groceries at the supermarket and the bagger didn't put one of the items in a plastic bag..."put the milk in a bag you monkey".

3. What did you do over the weekend ? "I played some COD MW2 online and kicked some monkey ass."

4. What ? Johnny thinks he can beat me at pool ? Hell no, he sucks...what a monkey.
by boomer323 June 21, 2010
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Noun; A derogatory term used to describe someone having a low skill level who cannot consciously improve his or her situation no matter how much effort is put forth. A monkey can have low, medium, or high intelligence but just does not have the ability to improve in any area of life.

Not to be confused with "loser"...the "monkey" cannot improve no matter what he/she does where as a "loser" typically has potential and can consciously improve based on effort but the "monkey" is doomed as if fate is working against the monkey. Usually wanders through life with little ambition and no direction due to poor parenting or other causes and most likely groups with losers and other outcasts.

Can be found in any profession or environment but typically found playing video games (multiplayer) and will blend in readily with other video game outcasts such as noobs, campers, etc.
What did you do over the weekend ?

"I played some call of duty MW2 online and kicked a bunch of monkey ass".
by boomer323 June 21, 2010
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1) Noun; A scapegoating slang term correctly used by white males referring to Arabs of the world (usually directly after a terrorist bombing or some other national tragedy occurs without knowing who the perpetrator is).

2) Noun; A business proprietor of either a convenience store or gas station in the Detroit Metro area possessing undesirable personal characteristics, limited education, few personal values, and bad manners. Usually a first generation immigrant (illegal) from any of the Arab nations.
1) Honey, did you hear about the car bomb that just went off in New York ? Freakin' sand nigger !!

2) Man, I just ran up to the corner store to grab some beer and smokes and got ripped off again by that sand nigger.
by boomer323 June 21, 2010
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Noun; Slang term used by white american males to refer to an Arab living either abroad or domestically. The actual subject doesn't have to necessarily wear a religious towel to be referred to as a towel head.

Usually possess deep (and dangerous) beliefs regarding their religion and are emotionally unstable. Tend to be the perpetrators and take responsibility for tragic events that occur throughout the world. (i.e. any random New York car bombing, 9/11, subway bombing, miscellaneous suicide bombings, etc.)
Male: Honey, come check this out...another suicide bomber just killed a bunch of civilians in the UK.

Female: Did they say who did it ?

Male: Not yet, but probably some religious towel head.
by boomer323 June 21, 2010
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