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(n) Pronounced: Bonn-zoss-tAH-roan: An imaginary hormone that lends Australian men their superhuman attractiveness and makes them an absolute pleasure to be around. Effects seem to be amplified by beer.
Etymology: From the Australian "bonza"; meaning good, top-notch, true-blue, you-beaut-super.
Not to be confused with bozosterone; the imaginary hormone that makes really stupid people painful to be around.
"I felt a little squirt of bonzosterone as I heard Paris mutter the magic words: You can call me anytime."
"That guy is totally lacking in bonzosterone
by bonzasaurus March 15, 2007

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(n) the name given to an unkempt and untended mass of pubic hair that explodes by complete surprise out of a really hot girl's panties.
So she's down to her little Playboy panties right, and she is looking so fine and I wonder "how did I manage to get this fine piece back here" and I'm ready, and she's ready. So I whip her panties off and ... BOOM! There's freakin hair everyhwere man! It's like some kind of cute, furry forest animal exploded! It was a dead set ambush.
by Bonzasaurus February 27, 2008

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(n) Used to describe someone whose positive attributes, such as enthusiasm, friendliness or good looks, are completely undone by their mind boggling stupidity. The type of person who would do anything to please you if only they could remember what it was. Or who, in their excitement, is likely to urinate right where they stand if you say something nice to them or feed them a snack.
"Mate, that bloke's got a touch of the Border Collie about him."
"She was up for it, but I had to walk away when she went all Border Collie on me."
by bonzasaurus March 15, 2007

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