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high five.

appropriate response is \o
<ray> lol good one bro, hi 5 o/
<bogsnarth> \o
by bogsnarth May 03, 2005
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used to describe things which are awesome.

see also: the shit, the tits, the balls
<guy#1> dude, check out this flamethrower i just made
<guy#2> holy shit man, that's totally dragons
by bogsnarth August 11, 2006
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an abbreviated variant of "do you know what i mean?" used to determine if a conversational partner understands the speaker.
yeah so dis bish wuz all up on mah nutz, knaamean? den she started usin her nails an' shit, knaamean? damn, son.. that shit was hot..

by bogsnarth February 13, 2004
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n. an activity which stretches the geek muscles, such as developing a skin or script for your favorite software, i.e. foobar2000

v. partaking in such an activity, specifically for an extended period of time
"Man, I'm fucking exhausted. I just spent 5 hours programming a formatting string for foobar"
"What does it do?"
"Automatically updates the title bar with information that may be of some interest to me based on the artist, album, track name, and genre tags."
"D00d, that is some major geexcercise!"
by bogsnarth April 05, 2005
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internet shorthand for "yeah, me too." for those times when there's just no more appropriate response.
<internetguy1> i'd like to have sex with (famous supermodel)
<internetguy2> ym2
by bogsnarth March 03, 2006
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