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Verbal sparring that's fundamentally friendly, especially needed to deflate the egos of gloating friends
A banterous initiation to said friend:

"I wonder if your ass gets jealous of all the shit coming out of your mouth"
by bobzilla November 01, 2012

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A vast leftwing conspiracy.
see communism , socialism ,satanism , etc.
by Bobzilla June 02, 2005

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totally uninformitave vacuous bullshit adored by the pompous and arrogant for it's shallowness and transparency and lack of substance
the retarded masturbating hippies hallucinated and wrote their words down to form the latest stupid philosophy and then the pompous racist rich people all read it while eating their Grey Poupon and were quite impressed by it because they are shallow arrogant asshole morons who are into that kind of fake shit
by Bobzilla June 02, 2005

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