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The cheyenne line is a psychological line that separates platonic friendships and intimacy. The cheyenne line doesn't have to include sex, though it often occurs as people open up and be honest with someone else about matters that significantly affect them.
Lindsey: How was your date?
Marly: It was good, he crossed the cheyenne line when he drew a line from my nose to my lips and then kissed me.
Lindsey: What after?
Marly: We talked for two hours in my car about my divorce and my mother's passing.
Lindsey: Oh did you have sex.
Marly: Yea... We had a really honest and intimate conversation.
by bobsaget21 February 02, 2020

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The ratio of women you truly love/girls you've slept with/girls you've kissed. This term always involves 3 numbers.
Kenneth: What's your ratio since you met Jen?

Thomas: 1/4/7
Kenneth: I'm only 10 over 15
by bobsaget21 November 04, 2019

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An intended or unintended trip or getaway for an extended period that accomplishes nothing
Brie: How was Grand Junction?
Alexa: I just needed some time away after I lost my clients after the crash.
Brie: What did you do the last three months on your harper's landing.
Alexa: Smoked a bunch of weed and hiked, I don't know. But I'm back now, and I have another interview Tuesday.
by bobsaget21 February 02, 2020

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