A town in western Colorado, also known as Junktown. Junk meaning mostly Clifton and Orchard Mesa. Don't ever move here!
Man, my parents are moving me to Grand Junction. I think I'll run away and join the circus instead.
by ohmeohmy July 11, 2008
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A small town in Western Colorado. Yes, it is the meth capital of the United States. The people are very nice. Located along the Colorado River by the largest flat-top mountain in the world. Also close to Fruita and Palisade.
Person 1: Hey, you're moving to Grand Junction?

Person 2: Yep. We visited it last month. It was beautiful, and the people were so nice and very welcoming.
by phatpanda10 August 1, 2011
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The biggest town between Denver and Salt lake which produces the most meth in the US. Everyone who live here has AIDS from using dirty needles. Only poor people live here. Orchard Mesa and Clifton are the ghetto and meth-iest of all over. Move here for cheap drugs.
If you were top ask a five year old, in Grand Junction, "Can I have some meth?" they'd be to bumped up to understand you.
by Methisgooooood August 12, 2010
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A Semi small town on the western slope that wishes it was fruita!
by Brady Tribble July 3, 2008
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When you experience something that is Uninvited and unannounced at the same time.
I had a quick stop at the grand junction yesterday when my ex showed up at my private residence, uninvited and unannounced, inappropriately begging me for a second chance again (all while she has a new girlfriend, preferably).
by Shegoingthruit April 8, 2018
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A giant asbestos-filled, drugged up, hunk of crap that is literally falling apart. I wouldn’t be surprised if I ended up on a T-Shirt before graduation. Also none of the lockers work. Good Luck!
1: I go to grand junction high school.
2: How the hell aren’t you dead yet?
by MayoIsHere September 6, 2021
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A school of about 1,800 filled with a wide variety of students; ranging from outstanding athletes to a spectacular speech and debate team to your average adolescent drug dealer. Surrounding schools such as fruita are bitter and jealous, and will do anything in their power to try to beat the Tigers. They still cant.
"Dang, those Grand Junction High School kids sure are better than us"

"I wish I could go to Grand Junction High School"
by el tigres August 18, 2011
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