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A popular game played by party goers across the world. One woman gets naked, kneels in the centre of a circle and plays with herself while any number of men (depending of the number of participants) slaps her in the noggin' with their soft cocks. If you crack a stag then you're out! This continues until only one soft cock remains who gets to root the woman. (viagra is usually available in case he can't get it up at all)
I was at a friends house last night and we had a great game of Snake Pit. I didn't win cause I stagged it up early right in the chicks face. Nick won in the end, he's the local Snake Pit champion, he's got the softest cock in the west.
by bobby rooney May 23, 2008

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After cumming on a womens face, rip out her pubes and throw them on her face. The screams accompanied by the shock of what has just happened leaves her looking a lot like chewbacca.
I was bored with our sex live so i decided to give her the chewbacca.
by bobby rooney April 15, 2005

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A mysterious weather pattern that has repeatedly caused a man's wallet to disappear without trace, usually ocurring while the man is drunk on russian vodka.
Mate.1 - "Holy fuck Ansen you've lost your wallet on the train from Siberia to Mongolia, that's pretty fucked up."

Mate.2 - "Yeh I heard on the news that the mongohole was heading our way, but didn't realise it would hit so early!"

Mate.1 - "You knob"

Mate.2 *Headbutts the wall*
by bobby rooney May 23, 2008

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This rare experience occurs when you are fisting a girl and your fist comes out brown, and you then realise that you were in her ass instead of her puss. It is usually bad news for all involved.
Mate1 - "Hey mate I was trying to fist a girl in the puss last night and I ended up with a bit of brown slut knuckle"

Mate2 - "oh well, there's plenty more fish in the sea"

Mate1 - "actually she liked it... bit stinky though"

Mate2 - "nothing a bit of shower in a can wont fix"

by bobby rooney May 23, 2008

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