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The company forced out of its own PC market by shitty computer manufacturers like Packard Bell and eMachines that made copies of IBM computers and undercut them.
Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM.
by bob_bobbb July 23, 2016

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A programming language consisting of mnemonics for machine code instructions. Can be assembled into machine code by a program called an assembler.
I don't need to know the latest fad programming language because C++ and assembly are good enough to write any program.
by bob_bobbb July 24, 2016

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A rhetorical device invented by Carly Fiorina in the Republican Presidential Debates. Instead of discussing your actual qualifications to be President, you know like leadership qualities etc., you go on and on about how special you are for having the same kind of reproductive organs as 50% of the population. You talk about how you went from rags to riches despite your reproductive organs, but fail to mention how you wrecked your company while CEO.
Fiorina just went full vagina. Never go full vagina.
by bob_bobbb June 19, 2016

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A person who puts up definitions on urbandictionary
Stop being such a troll
by bob_bobbb July 18, 2016

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The best programming language ever developed.
Some guy incremented C so he called it C++.
by bob_bobbb July 23, 2016

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A brain dead chip (according to Bill Gates) developed by Intel in the 1980s. This allowed Apple to release their original Mac and call it an upgrade. If not for this Apple would be bankrupt like Commodore.
Don't upgrade your 8088 to a brain dead chip like the 286. Just get a Mac.
by bob_bobbb July 24, 2016

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An overpriced underpowered laptop that comes without a keyboard. Designed for professional players of Tic-Tac-Toe.
Remember to bring your iPad Pro to the Tic-Tac-Toe World Championship.
by bob_bobbb July 20, 2016

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