31 definitions by blu3hat

place where sperm are stored
-Ohhh! Right in the sperm globes!!
by blu3hat October 07, 2010
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An erction of the penis that cannot be called a boner because its not on purpose.
Some how i always get a puberty erection in church

I hate puberty erections when I `m wearing sweatpants!
by blu3hat October 06, 2010
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when you go in for a whole, good handshake, they grab the very finger tips of your hand like they`re the fucking queen of england!
Its called the bullshit handshake because it is just that: a bullshit handshake!

I got a bullshit handshake today in church
by blu3hat January 29, 2011
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Christian the Awesome Ninja is an almost indescribable fictional short story written by the infamous Drew Relkcerk. The story is about a guy named Christian who kills his parents accidentaly with his ninja powers before he even knows he has them. Then he learns more about his powers as he gets older and becomes Christian the Awesome Ninja. In the story he becomes so awesome you`d think he`s the good guy but, as the story progresses he becomes corrupt and starts killing people for no reason. Then, out of a giant bolt of lightning from the sky, comes Drew! Who owns Christian and changes Christian`s name to chis. And Drew changes his own name to Drew The Savior. In order to understand this crazy-ass logic you must read the story which is impossible for alot of people because the only 4 copies of the story are here in my desk drawer.

A few excerpts from Christian the Awesome Ninja below:
1.)" Narrator: There once was a Christian named ninja

Producer: CUT! Oh, C`mon man this is like the 50th time we`ve gone over this its 'There once was a ninja named Christian!! Seriously though, you gotta work on that!!

Narrator: Oh, Sorry

Producer: Alright everybody! From the top! ACTION!"
2.) "Drew the Savior: I couldn`t have done it without help from my best friends Chuck Norris and Jesus."

3.) "Christian the Awesome Ninja: ABRA KADABRA ALEKAZAM!!!"
by blu3hat June 30, 2010
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A smiley for either "i`m chewing" or "Hmmmm"
~wanna go out?

~hey wassup?
~ :T jbec
by blu3hat February 21, 2011
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1. A feel-bad-for guy, the one who always tries and does his best but always fails
2. The guy thats gotta get on the ball and beat down the CranMan and get into some other juices (As made famous by Brian Regan)
1. "You got another C?" "Yeah" "Man you`re starting to look kinda like a BananaGuy"

2. "Like the BananaGuy wakes up, 'Man! I ain`t inna nothin!' "--Brian Regan, "I Walked on the Moon"
by blu3hat December 29, 2010
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the skin on the outside of a penis. Most visable when not erected
when I dont have a boner I`m only skin and banana peel
by blu3hat July 06, 2010
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