4 definitions by bjr808

Someone whose online personality is extremely irritating.
Richard: Why does Jay retweet everything you post with LOL after it?

Laurie: I don't know? He's such a twitternoyance!
by bjr808 January 28, 2010
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Noun. Someone who posts a video of himself online that makes him look like an idiot.
Did you see the video of that dude getting his eyes clawed out by a cat?

Yeah, what a YouFool.
by bjr808 August 5, 2008
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Term to describe a rivalry between two products (e.g. iPhone vs. Blackerry, PlayStation vs. XBox) with the inherent understanding that one will eventually emerge as the superior product.

Derived from the early VCR format war in which VHS emerged the winner over Beta.
I haven't made up my mind yet on whether to buy an iPhone, I'm waiting to see whether iPhone or Blackberry wins this VHS-Beta War.
by bjr808 April 22, 2009
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A compliment meant as false praise targeted at younger members of Generation Y just entering the workforce. Derived from the notion that Gen Y has grown up in an atmosphere of constant praise, particularly in popular sports like soccer, where kids plays for fun, no score is kept and everyone gets a trophy at season's end.
After the new intern finished that menial task, the boss gave her a soccer trophy just so she would feel appreciated.
by bjr808 July 24, 2008
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