Something to describe someone who is very generic and tends to follow what other people do instead of coming up with something creative. They don't dare to be different. In the mind of a generic bitch, to gain popularity points you should join the cool crowd and do what they do and be under peer pressure to be accepted. Versus being yourself and trying to be different because you don't want to seem like a boring, fake, plastic, annoying, person.
Chloe: Omg. Yesterday I went shopping at Abercrombie & Fitch!
Matt: Why? That place friggin' advertises on peoples clothing and its so overrated.
Chloe: So..? Last time I checked, it's cool to shop there.
Matt: But every other girl shops there. It gets so annoying to see every girl sporting an Abercrombie hoodie or shirt and it would be nice if some of them wore other brands for once.
Chloe: Yeah but then they'd be losers for not following the mainstream trend. Dare to be different? Ha. Never. I bet I'd be less popular if I even tried..
Matt: Well in a sea of generic bitches, any person who doesn't follow mainstream trends is cool. Hell, I bet if Abercrombie and Fitch told their customers that breathing isn't cool, you'd all die.
Chloe: Of course I'd die. Yes I would..anything to bring up my social status. What a martyr I'd be if I died for coolness.
Matt: Yes..martyr of the plastic barbie fucking generic bitch!
by just another Teenager November 9, 2008
An adjective given to girls who look straight up bitchy but you know absolutely nothing about them.
Girl 1: That girl is a BITCH.
Girl 2: Do you know her?
Girl 1: No...
Girl 2: Then why is she a bitch?
Girl 1: She's just a bitch in general.
Girl 2: Ohh, so shes a General Bitch.
by omis December 2, 2009
The teens and young 20 somethings in the 2000's, that have never had to do anything for themselves.
Cop 1: "I just pulled this kid over in a 2009 Hummer, and he "had to call his Mommy" because he didn't know where his insurance card was."

Cop 2: That's cause he was born in "Generation Bitch".
by fiveo May 23, 2009