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I no longer find you attractive, but I can't say that because then I'll feel guilty. Oh, by the way, good riddance.
Girl: Listen, Harry, we need to talk...

Harry: huhuhuh whatfor sexy hot girl?

Girl: Look... it's not you, it's me. I don't think this is working out.
by billus April 01, 2004
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A grungy garage band from Australia, performing and supporting artists before coming into their own with the release of Highly Evolved in 2002. This achieved some measure of mainstream success with their song 'Get Free'.
A few MTV appearances later, they disappeared from the mainstream, much to the relief of some of their fans who were NOT 14 year old girls just jumping in on the new rock group.
A second album, Winning Days, followed in 2004. This achieved very limited sales, and later in the same year Craig Nicholls, the frontman, assaulted a photographer. This caused the band's public image to collapse (obviously the public feels that rock stars should be polite and well-mannered). Nicholls was later diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, a form of Autism.
Despite now being virtually docile, the band's musical talent cannot be denied.
Winning Days is actually an excellent album.
by billus March 31, 2005
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Why did the leb go to hospital?

Cos he was fully sick, bro!!!
Leb1 : Hey Pauli, check out da WRX!
Leb2 : Woah bro! Fully sick!
by billus April 01, 2004
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A three-piece UK group heavily influenced by old-school blues and rock. Their music is hailed as bare and raw, and this is true after one listens to their debut album, "We Are Little Barrie". There are no special effects or digitally added/enhanced sections. Their music is in touch with roots and blues, it is light and as a result very 'funky', to borrow a word from clueless critics in national newspapers (for instance, those who call them 'Little Barry', say they are a two-piece, call them the next big thing for 'indie kids').

Barrie Cardogan, the vocalist & guitarist, has been hailed as some as the best guitarist of his generation and as a prodigy. His nasal, carefree voice is a perfect match to Little Barrie's light and soulful music.

Little Barrie can be recognised by amazing basslines and simple drums, and a steadily progressing guitar that at first sounds simplistic and amateuristic, but after careful listening shows remarkable talent.

Their first full length album, "We Are Little Barrie" (13 tracks) was released in around January of 2005.
Little Barrie's next single, "Long Hair", has just arrived.

Little Barrie are on tour in Australia but the venues are all fucking 18+.
by billus June 06, 2005
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