35 definition by big Al

Potential female partners who usually congregate around pubs and clubs.

From the slang Mantovani (fanny)
John returned from the toilet and overheard a guy saying "Check out the manto in bar tonight!"
by Big Al January 06, 2004

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The little gold stringy things you put on your christmas tree.
Hang that gold tinsel on the other side.
by Big AL September 26, 2003

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To playfully blow upon another persons skin in a way to make a "farting" sound.
She smiled and then gave me a flurp.
by Big Al February 24, 2004

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The key to George W. Bush's presidency. Used by janky strategerists.
Dude: "How would you sum up your campaign in one word Mr. Bush?"
Bush: "Strategery"
by big Al February 03, 2003

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When u give it to a girl in the pooper, then u smack both sides of the butt cheeks
ouch that anal pancake hurt, it flattened my weiner!!
yum anal pancakes
by big al July 08, 2004

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To ejaculate upon a vehicle. Sexual fetish. Combination of the words AUTOmobile and buKAKKE.
In the privacy of his garage, Jeff frequently performed auto kakke on his vintage Corvette.
by Big Al February 24, 2004

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Derived from the adj. gay & verb.dance. A ritual dance performed in public by two metro sexual men to mock the pairing of two females or two gay men or two lesbians dancing together.
Those guys are gancing on the dance floor.
by Big Al March 09, 2004

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