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a sexual act: the placement of one's testicles inside the anal sphincter of another, immediately followed by mounting said person, placing the penis in their mouth while allowing the freshly dirtied scrotum to press down on the center of their collar bone, leaving a shitty imprint which more or less resembles a bow tie.
"dude, remember that chick from the bar last night? yeah, i gave her the mr. formal."

"ooh, yeah. that feels good. harder. harder. faster. wait- a little slower. ok, now pop those balls in my ass and give me the mr. formal, stud."

"fuck men's warehouse, i'm a mr. formal man."
by bfitz August 23, 2008

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exactly the same thing as yodeling, but when there is a nutsack in your mouth.
"that girl melissa's a freak. she scrodeled me until 4 in the morning, dude!"

by bfitz August 31, 2008

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to clog, or clogged: an adjective

the instrumentation of holland's traditional footwear for (but not limited to) devious purposes.
"did i clog the toilet? sir, if you're asking if i intentionally flushed a dutchmen's wooden shoe down your toilet, then you are sadly mistaken."

"...and that's when i took of my shoe made of carved poplar wood, and chucked it right at o'malley's head. you're damn right, i clogged that irish son of a bitch!"
by bfitz August 31, 2008

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