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language: spanish

Background: used in Mexico and Texas border towns. especially in private high schools among friends.

Referring to having something stuck up your ass. Literally means: "take your finger out"

can also be used when someone crosses a line e.g. "te sacaste el dedo ese!"
"sacate el dedo ese." also "te sacaste el dedo!"
by beto chapa December 28, 2005
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Congal can mean a house or a strip club or a whore house.

Also can be used as Congalero or Congalera referring to something pertaining to a congal.
Las luces de navidad de tu casa se ven bien congaleras.
by beto chapa July 15, 2005
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Title of a satirical magazine and subsequent televeision show that pokes fun at the media and current events.
My mom better not throw away my old issues of MAD magazine.
by beto chapa October 7, 2005
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